We love coaching. And we love to work with top performers and high achievers who still believe in their ability to increase their capacity and achieve audacious goals and dreams. Our clients realize that what they put in front of themselves won’t be easy. They seek to achieve their own greatness, and they understand the power of commitment.

That comes from powerful coaching, which our clients require and receive.

“I reached out to Steve during an incredibly challenging time in my career. Steve’s nonjudgmental approach helped me address areas of my life that were hindering my growth and happiness. We just didn’t tackle my career but looked at everything because in the end they are all interrelated. After six months, he fundamentally changed my life: re-tuned career, new city and a great group of caring friends. In fact, I accomplished everything in my annual plan by May this year and had to re-write it with new goals. I’ve moved from a reactive state of responding to immediate challenges to one focused on my long-term spiritual, emotional and relationship growth. I’m a huge fan of Steve’s work and would recommend him without hesitation. I’m astounded at what I’ve accomplished in such a short time by partnering with Steve.” Mark Warner

“Thank you for your support and kindness. You are one of few that truly engage.” Tim R.

So….what’s your next step?

What do you dream about? What has a hold of you so strongly that you realize deep inside you will regret it if you ignore it?

Let’s talk.

Because great coaching starts with a great conversation.


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Team dysfunction can stifle creativity, make culture less than ideal, crush engagement, prevent high level collaboration, and reduce influence among team members through exertion of control. Whether it’s a workshop Based on Lencioni’s The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, Collaboration and Influence, or something tailored to your specific needs, we’d appreciate the opportunity to discuss the challenges your team faces.

Most often the problem starts with trust. By creating an workshop that you and your team can build upon, you will soon find your team more collaborative and much more engaged.

“Don’t stop doing this.” Alliance Academy Workshopper


IdeaTeam1 was founded to bring clarity, insight, and confidence to business owners and executives. A win for us is seeing a company reach its full potential by fulfilling its promise and purpose to its clients, customers, employees, and community.

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On average, 55 percent of companies’ total costs are employee costs. But while people may be your biggest cost, they’re also your biggest asset—if you know how to optimize your talent.

One key element of talent optimization is the application of people data, and that’s where assessments come in.

When business decisions are driven by data, you can diagnose the root cause of business challenges, design a competition-crushing organization, hire top talent, assemble high-performing teams, develop leaders, and boost employee engagement and performance.

Up until now, you’ve been playing the game with a blindfold on. Finally, there’s a system that empowers you to see clearly and move the chess pieces strategically.